Valuation Services

Comprehensive Professional Valuation Services for Your Business

Valuation Services
If you’re searching for a business valuation service, the experienced team at Dealer-Rental Success has exactly the solutions you need. We are a leading source of valuations for rental companies, equipment dealers and contractor equipment managers. When you’re ready to learn more about us and the comprehensive valuation services we offer, contact our offices at 708-347-9109 and get started with your next business valuation.

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Asset Values
This critical component of smart business practices involves determining the fair market value of a particular asset. Frequently, asset valuation consists of objective and subjective metrics. Net asset value is basically the “book value” of both tangible and intangible assets as well as liabilities.

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Bank Financing

Bank financing is the most conventional method of obtaining financing and is typically the first considering business owners and managers have when they seek funding for their enterprise. Our team can provide guidance and help you explore possible bank financing options that may be available to you.

Mezz Financing
This type of financing is a mix of equity and debt financing. It gives lenders the option to convert the debt into an equity interest in the business in the event of default.

Cash Flow Projections
A projection of cash flow predicts the amount of money that is entering and going out of your business. Just as the term implies, this method utilizes cash flow as a way of anticipating how your business will perform.

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