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Does need some reliable assistance with management of your rental equipment company? Act now and get in touch the expert team at Dealer-Rental Success. We’re here to provide you with useful advice and recommendations that will help your business grow and achieve its full potential. Contact our offices today at 708-347-9109 for more information and to schedule a consultation about the many services we offer to rental companies.

Balance Sheet Presentations

Compiling a balance sheet will give you an up-to-date look at your company’s financial condition at a specific point in time. In addition to income and cash flow statements, a balance sheet serves to help rental company owners and managers evaluate their financial position.

Fleet Appraisal
Need an accurate valuation of your rental company’s equipment? Our industry experts provide current marketplace values along with residual values for each of your fleet’s assets. Factors such as condition, age and utilization are all taken into account to calculate the most accurate and timely pricing data available. An ideal service for internal audits, financing or insurance purposes.

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Time and Dollar Utilization

A business that rents out their equipment typically gauges the performance of their fleet according to the metrics of time and dollar utilization. Time utilization indicates how frequently customers rent out the equipment. Dollar utilization is what assesses the return the rental company sees on the investment it has made in the equipment.

ESOP Analysis
Is an ESOP right for your rental company? An analysis by Dealer-Rental Success can help you decide.

In addition, Dealer-Rental Success also provides the following for rental companies:

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